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Don't Take Our Word...

Hear It From Past Students

Our team recently had the pleasure of taking Linda's Pet CPR and First Aid class.  Firstly, let me say the information in this course was fantastic.  While most of my team has been working with dogs for many years, we all learned a ton of new information that will help us ensure the safety of the dogs we train.  


Secondly, the teaching style of Linda was nothing short of perfect.  In my career, very few instructors/presenters have the ability to present complex information in a relaxed and easy to understand manner.  Linda excelled at teaching all of us (each with a different level of experience) the necessary skills to manage a medical emergency.  


l also appreciated Linda genuinely listening to our comments and questions and thinking deeply about the best response.  It showed that she cared about what we were asking about, and giving us the most thorough answer.  


The most effective presenters I've ever worked with have the ability to be warm and caring, while also commanding authority and demanding attentiveness.  This is a delicate balance that is difficult to balance. Linda managed to walk that line perfectly.  


Going forward, I will make sure that any new employee of Command Canine takes her course.  We will also recommend her class to our clients.  It's a skill that I believe is a must-have for every dog parent.  


Thank you,


- Tony Marino

Thank you for teaching this class, it was very informative. I especially liked hearing about the experiences that people have had. It really drove home the seriousness of the subject matter. Because of this, I feel that I will be a more responsible pet owner and caretaker. In the future, I will be recommending people take your classes if they are interested in pet first aid and CPR. Again, thank you for teaching this class.


Peter, Pet Parent

Linda is amazing! She taught me CPR and pet safety using a method that keeps these very important processes front and center when I am with my pets or other people’s pets. Linda provided valuable information that was totally new to me but is crucial knowledge for every pet owner/caregiver. This class is an absolute testament to Linda’s lifelong dedication to animals and their wellbeing. Very professional, fun and enjoyable class. Thank you, Linda!


Deborah, Pet Professional

Thanks for a great pet CPR and first aid class today. You have a gift of making people feel comfortable and it's easy to listen to you. I love all the real life stories you share and your teaching manner is easy-going and certainly not offensive or criticizing. You teach with love and that's an intangible gift to be proud of!

Lisa, Pet Parent

The information I learned in Linda's class is invaluable and I cannot believe that, as a pet owner for years, I did not already take the time to learn it. I now feel extremely prepared to handle a multitude of situations that we may face in our doggy daycare. The class itself was thorough yet well-paced, hands-on so we could practice what we were learning, and we each left with a packet of handouts and other resources that we can refer back to as needed. We will be sending all of our key employees to Pet CPR & First Aid with Linda Edwards. Everyone who is a pet owner or in the pet business needs this information!

Amy, Pet Professional

I was thinking of you last week when I had to use my new pet first aid skills...for my own dog. She is fine now, but in the time of emergency, having steps to follow helped me to keep a calm head, when I was truly freaking out inside!  And, having my vet programmed into my cell phone and on my vet-list in the car saved me tons of time getting her to care. Thank you for all the wonderful information you shared with us in the class you brought to Asheville.  

Maripage, Pet Parent

I had already attended the Red Cross Certification Program, so at first, was skeptical.  However, five minutes into "Pet Tech Pet CPR, First Aid & Care Program" I knew I would be learning so much more!  If you are a pet sitter or a pet owner or you have family members with pets -- all should attend this program.  You will find it invaluable and it will give you the confidence, as well as the peace of mind to face any emergency -- minor or major.  Bravo, Linda -- and thank you!

Chris, Pet Parent

I thought the First Aid/ CPR class was very worthwhile and so very informative. In my mind,  Linda taught it perfectly. She was very detailed and explicit in carefully explaining all the different situations  needing pet First Aid or CPR. She explained and went over the processes many times until we thoroughly understood,  and then had each of us perform CPR or FirstAid individually on a stuffed dog to reconfirm we did it all properly in case of a pet emergency.  I am so happy to have had this opportunity to learn all this.

Thanks so much, Linda. You did a fabulous job!

Mary, Pet Parent

Linda’s PetSaver class is a must-have for pet industry professionals. Simply put: I signed up because I wanted to have my own bases covered for emergencies within my dog business. However, I received so much more than just that, truly an exceptional instruction with hands-on learning. Linda made the class thoroughly enjoyable for all, and made sure that everyone fully understood each learning topic. If you are considering this class, then you are a perfect candidate—because everyone who owns, works alongside, or just loves dogs and cats will benefit from this course! 

Jamie, Pet Professional

I took Linda's class in January, and was beyond impressed. She was professional, knowledgeable, and extremely engaging! The more I learned, the more I wanted to keep going! Her sweet girl, Gracie, was amazing to work with and it definitely made the class more hands-on and applicable. I work with a large pet-sitting company in Northern Virginia, and instantly found the knowledge I learned to be of great value! Not only did I immediately begin teaching Pet Tech classes within the company, but I had two experiences with dogs choking. Had I not been trained in first aid and cpr, the sitters would not have reached out to me for assistance, and there could have been a different end result. Thankfully, neither dog ended up needing CPR, but the training I had brought both animals help, and the clients were very thankful. We now have a plan in place to train sitters, as well as letting them know what to look for in case they need to reach our for immediate help. Thank you Linda!!! 

Angela, Pet Professional

I took the Pet Tech Instructor class back in November 2017 and I really wanted to let Linda know how much I really enjoyed coming out to NC from Memphis, TN to take the 3 day class. I learned so much in 3 days that I have been able to apply the knowledge to my own classes. This was really a GREAT and FUN class and would definitely take other classes from Linda in the future!

Jim, Pet Professional

Thank you for presenting such a wonderful class. It was more than I could of imagined. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and totally enjoyed myself. I've already been practicing on Miles.


You are an excellent instructor and teach in a way that makes one feel that they are capable of actually doing what your teaching, while not making them feel self-conscious. Great job!!

Anita, Pet Parent

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