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Pet Parents

Never Feel Helpless Again

Emergency & Wellness Training for Cats and Dogs

There's nothing worse than watching your dog try to cough up a half-eaten bone and not know how to help. 

Our pets share the world with many life-threatening things: plants, people food, chemicals, snakes, bees, spiders, and so much more. We can't eliminate them all, but we can learn how to live safely with them. 

Linda Edwards had to learn the hard way to live with these dangers when a Brown Recluse spider bit her Scottish Deerhound Brindle.

Through her pet first aid and emergency care classes, Linda has helped hundreds of pet parents in Charlotte and across the Southeast become proactive and educated pet parents.


I took this class because my dog choked on a daffodil right in front of me and I was helpless.

The only thing I knew to do was pat his back. His tongue was blue, it was Sunday night when vets were closed and it was getting worse. He eventually coughed it up, but I felt helpless. If you don't want to feel that way - call Linda. With her hands-on class you'll feel more confident in your abilities to save your best friend. Don't be a victim, learn to save your furry friend. Thank you so much for the knowledge you gave me and my family.  - Thomas Neal


Approachable Material

Hands-on, Interactive Learning

Taught at the Pet Education & Training Center in the South Park area of Charlotte, each eight-hour class is broken out into small, digestible sections. 

Pet Parents learn through a combination of instruction and hands-on skill practice, including real-life experience with Linda's border collie Gracie!

“Thank you for teaching such a wonderful class. It was more than I could have imagined. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and totally enjoyed myself. Linda is an excellent instructor and taught in a way that makes one feel they are capable of actually doing what is taught while not making them feel self-conscious.” Anita M.


What to Expect

 Class Day

All classes begin at 9 am. Here's an overview of the day's agenda.

Check-in and Introductions

Teaching Begins with Senior Pet Care


Dental Care

Intro to Emergency Care

Restraining & Muzzling

Primary Pet Assessment

CPR & Rescue Breathing


Choking Management

First Aid Overview

Bleeding Protocols


Insect Bites & Stings

Heat & Cold Injuries


Snout to Tail Wellness Assessment

Certificates & Class Evaluations


Be Your Best Friend's Champion

Learn pet care, first aid, and emergency care today so you can be prepared for anything!

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