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  • How long is my certificate good for?
    After the PetSaver and Pet First Aid class you'll leave with a two year certificate. After two years, you'll need to take another class to get a new, current certificate. Instructors don't have to take the three day course again, but they need to meet other criteria. See How do you remain an instructor for specifics.
  • Will there be Lunch?
    PetSaver classes break for lunch around noon and students have one hour for lunch. With classes located in the heart of SouthPark, there are several great nearby places to grab lunch. Instructor classes break for lunch every day: Day one - lunch break around noon Day two - lunch provided and catered in Day three - students typically pitch in for pizza or sandwich delivery Pet First Aid classes don't break for lunch but students can bring snacks to class. Students can bring snacks and drinks to class, but there will be a lot of hands-on activities so be mindful of the snacks you bring.
  • Why the PetTech Program?
    PetTech is the first international training center dedicated to CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats. The PetTech curriculum is designed for a hands-on learning environment to give students every opportunity they can to internalize the information. These courses are the most in-depth and comprehensive pet education and safety classes available. All PetTech Instructors go through rigorous training and work closely with each other to share learning practices. As Instructors we all have the same goal: to help educate pet parents and pet professionals on proper care for their pets.
  • What Information will I Learn?
    You will learn everything you need to know about how to care for your cats and dogs from basic preventative measures all the way to emergency situations! All the classes are comprehensive and hands-on. Each type of class will have its own specific agenda, however here is a taste of what students can learn: Heat and Cold Injuries Bleeding and Shock Insect and Snake Bites, Bee Stings Snout to Tail Assessment Restraining and Muzzling Choking Management Caring for Your Senior Pet-izen CPR and Rescue Breathing Poisoning Having started a pet sitting business back in 2007, Linda Edwards brings a lot of personal experience and stories to class.
  • What about Parking?
    There is ample, free parking near the Pet Eduation & Training Center.
  • Who can Take a PetTech Class?
    Anyone! We strongly encourage all pet parents and pet professionals to get trained in pet care, first aid & CPR. And because pet parents come in all varieties, much like their pets, Linda has had the pleasure of teaching many types of people. Linda's taught adults, teens, first time pet parents, seasoned pet parents, pet professionals just starting their careers and those who have been around for years. Having such a variety of students makes each class unique and such a blast!
  • What do I need to Bring?
    Nothing but a smile and excitement. Linda provides all the training materials necessary. If you want a snack or beverage, feel free to bring them, however you will not be required to bring anything with you to class. The classroom is often kept slightly cooler than normal so you may want to bring a sweater.
  • Where are classes held?
    Classes are held in the South Park area, near Phillips Place at the Pet Education & Training Center. After you register for class you will receive a welcome email with specific address information. Class registration must be done 24 hours before the start of class and to eliminate the potential of students showing up on class day without having registered, class address is sent only after registration. If you are concered about the distance or have specific questions, please reach out to Linda at 704-302-6171.
  • How do you remain an instructor?
    Every year, instructors must renew their annual dues with PetTech and meet the following criteria: Be in good standing Follow PetTech teaching protocols Hold at least two classes a year Pay annual dues of $175
  • How Long are the Classes?
    Classes run between 5-8 hours long. PetSaver classes: 8 hours Pet First Aid & CPR classes: 5 hours Instructor classes are three days long, time for each day varies but on average day one 8 hours, day two 8 hours, day three 5 hours. See daily agenda outlines
  • Can I bring a Pet?
    For each class Linda brings two of her personal pets, her border collie Gracie and yorkie Ellis will make an appearance. Gracie and Ellis will be used during class for certain demonstrations and students will have the opportunity to try a few techniques themselves on the very friendly animals! For liability and simplicity reasons, we ask students not to bring any of their pets to class. However, the temperature of the room is kept slightly cooler than normal to accommodate the animals so you may want to bring a sweater.

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